Lawsuit against Villas Pappagallo

This lawsuit was instigated as a result of the failure of the Strata to release financial information and minutes as legitimately requested by an owner.  The requested financial information should have been simple to download from the QuickBooks files at BCQS without any cost to the Strata.


Despite it being the actions of individual ExCo members not to respond appropriately to the requests made, the Strata as a whole is unfortunately the only correct defendant to the legal action. This lawsuit is still ongoing and nothing posted herein is intended to interfere with the fair hearing of the case at Grand Court.




Facts regarding the Plaintiff

Global Marketing Associates LLC has owned unit 32 at Villas Pappagallo since 2009.  Mr. Jim Keim as Managing Member of the company has personally served on ExCo committees at 3 large condominium complexes in the Cayman Islands including Villas Pappagallo and others internationally and has significant knowledge in management of Strata properties.